Naked Like a Lôca

“Naked like a lôca” was an art residency part of the week long event “Living like a local” hosted by the Krakow art house and the Lamella house of queer arts. For this project I wanted to explore the Art house Space with unique and diverse types of bodies, so I made an open invitation for who ever was interested on a nude photo session in the space.

The open studio at Lamella house of queer arts was a celebration of body freedom, embracing them selves and accepting their own bodies, despite the gender, sexual orientation or body type they had. Polish society is very conservative and closed to acceptance of diverse ways of thinking and living. So being naked in this context was a form of  social, cultural and political liberation.

Lôca: It is a word of queer spanish and portuguese slang which refers to loud feminine gay men. As many words as – fag, viado, ciota, pedał, schwule, the word was originally used by straight people to diminish and bully gay men and later became part of queer culture used as an empowered and fun way to refer to each other inside of the community.