Skin deep

The “Skin deep: +60” was raised during the Instinct´s art residency program in 2017. In this 3 months project, I portrayed nine gay men naked. All of them living in Berlin above the age of 60. The series of 35mm black and white pictures and the short documentary are a visual research on their sexuality and their relationship to their own bodies.

The society in general – and LGBTQ community in particular – portrays ageing in a stereotypical way, often denying older people, their sexuality and rendering them invisible. Therefore, I´ve chosen men who could challenge the prejudice against ageing in order to give a new perspective on the subject. These men are somehow creating new possibilities of living and reinventing the concept of getting old.

The acknowledgment of sex and affection takes a main role in this context. Desire, pleasure, passion and all the strengths that comes from a sexual pulse and creative force are fundamental when thinking of an alternative way of life for the “new” old queer men.